As good as water / 上善若水



The greatest virtue is like water.“Water nourishes everything but contends for nothing.”

Chapter8 The greatest virtue is like water. The goodness of water is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures; yet itself does not scramble, but is content with the places that all men disdain. It is this that makes water so near to the Way. And if men think the ground the best place for building a house upon, If among thoughts they value those that are profound, If in friendship they value gentleness, In words, truth; in government, good order; In deeds, effectiveness; in actions, timeliness - In each case it is because they prefer what does not lead to strife. And therefore does not go amiss.

作品获得了《“Hiii Typography 2013”中英文字体设计大赛》-中文组字体实验类 铜奖;

“Hiii Typography 2013” is an international typography design competition Experimental (Chinese Group) / Bronze-prize